Educating our patients about their sleep condition is a major component of our care. We explain all aspects of their condition, elaborate on treatment options and answer any questions they may have. In addition, we provide patients with detailed information on specific aspects of care, such as those listed below.

You will be having a Polysomnogram (also known as a sleep study). This is a study that measures the quality of your sleep via recording of the bioelectrical activity of your body using small discs or electrodes attached to the skin. The Sleep Center has private bedrooms similar to hotel rooms, with bathrooms for showering after the study is completed. The rooms are supplied with pillows, blankets, towels, washcloths and toiletries.

Midwest Sinus Sleep & Allergy Associates provides evaluations for pediatric and adult patients with various sleep complaints by a board-certified sleep specialist.

A typical Polysomnogram includes
the following measures:

  • Brain waves (electrodes placed on the scalp)
  • Eye movements (electrodes placed by the eyes)
  • Chin muscle tone (electrodes placed near the chin)
  • Heart rate (electrodes placed on the chest)
  • Leg movements (electrodes placed on the legs)
  • Airflow (sensor placed near the nose and mouth)
  • Breathing effort (two elastic belts placed around chest and abdomen)
  • Oxygen saturation level (small sensor attached to the finger or ear lobe)
  • Audio and digital video recording

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