Are big tonsils causing your child’s ADD or ADHD?

Children with big tonsils, snoring, restless sleep, and ADD or ADHD may actually have obstructive sleep apnea. Those big tonsils and/or enlarged adenoid tissue could be blocking the airway at night, causing little brain arousals that disrupt sleep quality, preventing your child from obtaining restorative sleep. Sleepy kids have a hard time focusing and learning may be negatively impacted. Sleepy kids usually get restless and fidget! Healthy sleep is vital for growth and learning. Talk to your pediatrician if you are concerned that your child may have problems breathing during sleep. Sleep apnea in children can often be cured with removing the tonsils and the adenoid tissue, if enlarged. Learn more from the National Sleep Foundation at

Posted on Fri, January 15, 2016 by Beth Fernandez filed under Sleep

Beth Fernandez, AuD
Beth Fernandez, AuD
Dr. Beth Fernandez is an audiologist who specializes in adult and pediatric diagnostics and adult hearing aid fitting and verification. Dr. Fernandez possesses a passion for improving the quality of life of individuals with hearing loss and tinnitus and employs the latest in evidence-based hearing aid fitting procedures in order to maximize patient outcomes. In 2005, she graduated summa cum laude with her bachelor's degree in speech pathology and audiology from Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville. She then obtained her doctorate in audiology from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri in 2009. Dr. Fernandez is an advocate for the prevention of noise-induced hearing loss and her clinical services include hearing conservation counseling and the fitting of custom hearing protection, swimplugs, and earbuds. In addition, she provides in-office treatment for positional vertigo. Dr. Fernandez enjoys sharing her passion for the profession of audiology through teaching and public outreach.
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